Week 3 Picks

Instead of going crazy over the unwarrented public backlash about the end of the Eagles game on Monday, I’ll direct you to this wonderful article by Jimmy Kempski of philly.com.

After he bashes that jamoke Heath Evans, the second half is a breakdown of how the missed call everyone in America was complaining about was actually the correct call.

Do not let Trent Dilfer, Ray Lewis, Jon Gruden and Heath Evans fool you. If you look at it logically, not throwing the flag was the correct call.

Anyway, nothing more this week, here are some picks:


ATLANTA (-6.5) over Tampa Bay
NEW ORLEANS (-9.5) over Minnesota
Green Bay (+1.5) over DETROIT
PHILADELPHIA (-6.5) over Washington
Dallas (-1.5) over ST. LOUIS
Houston (-2.5) over NY GIANTS
Indianapolis (-6.5) over JACKSONVILLE
CINCINNATI (-6.5) over Tennessee
CLEVELAND (+1.5) over Baltimore
San Diego (+2.5) over BUFFALO
NEW ENGLAND (-14.5) over Oakland
ARIZONA (+2.5) over San Francisco
MIAMI (-4.5) over Kansas City
SEATTLE (-4.5) over Denver
CAROLINA (-3.5) over Pittsburgh
Chicago (+2.5) over NY JETS


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